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What is the definition of National Farm Workers Association?

the National Farmer Association changed from a workers' rights organization that helped workers get unemployment insurance to that of a union of farm workers almost overnight, (MORE)

What is salary for united auto workers?

  The Big 2.5's UAW members receive an average wage of $29.75 per hour and full medical coverage. They also get an average of 16.5 paid vacation days per year, on top of t (MORE)

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What did the United Farm Workers Orginization do?

The United Farm Workers Organization did a number of things which  were geared at fighting for the rights of farmers. This was formed  due to the fact that the federal labor (MORE)

What is United Farm Workers?

  the united farm workers is an organization started who's main goal was to give farmworkers better working conditions and a raise in their salaries
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What is a migrant farm worker?

A migrant worker is someone who moves around frequently, living  where he/she can find work. In this sense, a migrant farm worker  has no permanent home, but instead moves a (MORE)