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Is the United Nations a dead organization?

  I can offer a somewhat dubious answer. I would say, yes, it is a "dead" or failed organization. The UN has almost no power to invade, occupy, or impose any sort of will (MORE)

What organization did the United Nations replace?

The United Nations replaced the League of Nations, which was established after the end of World War I, or The Great War. Despite being initially proposed by President Woodrow (MORE)

Who is the head of United Nations organization?

The Secretary-General is the head of the United Nations. As of January 2011, Korean Ban Ki-moon is the Secretary-General of the UN.
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When was the united nation organization organized?

The u.n.o. Organised on the ending of world war was organised on 1945.the bad effects of world war 1 and 2 set many people thinking.they thought why did wars takes place. (MORE)

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