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What is a carrier aircraft service unit?

A carrier aircraft service unit is a group of Navy officers and enlisted men who are assigned to a Naval air station or airfield. They comprise aviation machinist mates, ordna (MORE)

When was the united nation organization organized?

The u.n.o. Organised on the ending of world war was organised on 1945.the bad effects of world war 1 and 2 set many people thinking.they thought why did wars takes place. (MORE)

What is organization unit?

  An organisational unit or OU for short is something you are going to have be familar with if you plan on doing much work with Active Directories (AD). Say in your AD y (MORE)

How do you organize food service operation?

food preperation is getting the establishment ready for the days work ahead; that is getting the restaurant clean so it can be set up, stocking the shelves and side stations w (MORE)