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Is 829 a United States area code?

No, it is the Dominican Republic, along with area codes 809 and  849.   Although calls to the Dominican Republic from the USA and Canada  are dialed "one plus," the same (MORE)

What is the international dialing code for the United States?

The telephone country code for the United States is +1.    To call other countries from the United States, 011 has to preface  the other country's code.    (The (MORE)

How do you cite the United States Code?

The United States Code is cited by title, code and section: this way: 11 USC 362 This means Title 11 of the United States Code Section 362. This section provides for the (MORE)

How many possible area codes are there in the United States?

There are 1,000 three-digit numbers, if you include every  combination from 000 through 999. In North America, though, 3-digit  area codes have significant restrictions. The (MORE)

What is the area code for mobile phones in the United States?

Mobile phones (cellphones) in the United States use the same geographic area codes as landlines. There is no distinction between mobile numbers and landline numbers. The Un (MORE)

What city in the United States has the most liberal dress code?

My guess is any city in Hawaii or else maybe Broward and Miami-Dade  counties in Florida. First off these places have some of the  highest temperatures in the US, so people (MORE)

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