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How many Senators and House Representatives does the United States of America have?

As of 2009, the maximum number of seats in the House of Representatives is 435 and the maximum number of seats in the Senate is 100. Keep in mind however, that there may be va (MORE)

Who actually elects the president of the United states?

The U. S. President and Vice President are elected by the 538 electors who are chosen by the voting public on Election Day based on who they have pledged to vote for in the Pr (MORE)

How old must one be to be elected president of the United States?

Article two of the US Constitution covers the requirements  necessary to become president of the United States of America. In  section one of article two lists the requireme (MORE)

Who is running for president of the United States and when is the general election?

The democratic candidate is Barack Obama. The republican candidate is John McCain. The actual presidential election in November will be a choice between the Democratic can (MORE)

Was Ronald Reagan one of the youngest men ever elected president of the United States?

No, the exact opposite is true. At the time of his inauguration  Ronald Reagan was two weeks from his 70th birthday, making him the  oldest person ever elected president.  (MORE)

Which President of the United States was chosen by the US House of Representatives?

Thomas Jefferson (in 1801) and John Quincy Adams (in 1825) were chosen by the House of Representatives because no candidate won a majority of the electoral votes. In Thomas (MORE)