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What is universal serial bus port?

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) port is an input/output port that allows the transfer of data from the computer's hard drive to the portable hard drive (e.g. flash drive). The (MORE)

Why usb is called universal serial bus?

Because it is universal, meaning that it was developed to allow all kinds of hardware devices to connect to a computer with the same connection. With the USB all computer manu (MORE)

What is serial bus arbitration?

In serial bus, if there are multiple masters, then multiple master decides whether it acquires the bus or not using data pattern. In case where master needs to drive 0, it wou (MORE)

What is the difference between data bus and serial bus?

  The Data bus is a bus and a serial bus is a type of bus.   A serial bus is a bus that sends one bit per clock cycle. The Data bus is part of the processor and connec (MORE)

Why do they call a bus in serial bus?

A bus is just a collection of wires or a means to carry data. The term came from the old days when the main board only had traces and sockets, and no real components. The back (MORE)

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