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What is Universe?

The vast surrounding space and everything in it is called the universe. The universe includes everything that exists:- stars, planets, asteroids, comets, meteors and meteorite ( Full Answer )
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What is a universe?

The word universe meaning all (or all as one(uni=1)) is everything around us. Impossibly big to imagine, this is all the galaxies and planets and stars ever catalogued and mor ( Full Answer )
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How do you get in a university?

University admissions . The process for gaining admission to a university varies from school to school. Most universities have a staff dedicated to assisting prospective s ( Full Answer )
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Why there is universe?

If there wasn't a universe there wouldn't be a you. So shut up and stop complaining. Because God created one :)
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Where in the universe are you?

The universe is the name we give to all of space. Astronomers use huge telescopes, both on Earth and in space, to measure light, x-rays, and radio waves from objects that are ( Full Answer )
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How do you get into university?

complete highschool with 99% in every single class from grades 9 to12. Or wait until your considered a minority and can receive aid tobetter you life threw education. Adults a ( Full Answer )
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What a universe?

if u mean"what is the universe" then here is my answer: theuniverse is universal. If you never knew thee was a universe ofunimaginable possibilities where all things are possi ( Full Answer )
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What is a universer?

the universe is a vast place made by the big bang and God filled with galaxy, stars ,planets, and moons.
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What is an universe?

Universe is a Greek word which means uni-single, and verse-spokeken sentence. Universe is a single spoken sentence.
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How and when did the universe from?

It had no beginning date and no ending date. It was there at the beginning of infinity and will be at the end of infinity