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What is Universe?

The vast surrounding space and everything in it is called the universe. The universe includes everything that exists:- stars, planets, asteroids, comets, meteors and meteorite (MORE)

What is a universe?

The word universe meaning all (or all as one(uni=1)) is everything around us. Impossibly big to imagine, this is all the galaxies and planets and stars ever catalogued and mor (MORE)

How do you get in a university?

  University admissions   The process for gaining admission to a university varies from school to school. Most universities have a staff dedicated to assisting prosp (MORE)
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Why there is universe?

If there wasn't a universe there wouldn't be a you. So shut up and stop complaining. Because God created one :)
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Where in the universe are you?

The universe is the name we give to all of space. Astronomers use huge telescopes, both on Earth and in space, to measure light, x-rays, and radio waves from objects that are (MORE)
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What a universe?

  if u mean"what is the universe" then here is my answer:   the universe is universal
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What is a universer?

the universe is a vast place made by the big bang and God filled with galaxy, stars ,planets, and moons.
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What is an universe?

Universe is a Greek word which means uni-single, and verse-spokeken sentence. Universe is a single spoken sentence.
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