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What is the universe?

Answer One: . The universe is everything that exists. . Answer Two: . I probably cannot improve on the first answer, but perhaps I can add a little clarity and perspe (MORE)

What is Universalism?

An understanding of the all-encompassing nature of salvation,including the belief that ultimately all will be saved.
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What is universality?

Universality is the quality ascribed to an entity whose existence is consistent throughout the universe. In philosophy, universalism is a doctrine or school claiming univer (MORE)

Where are you in the universe?

To the best estimate, we are located on planet Earth, third planet of a ten planet solar system, rotating around a star found in the center of the Milky Way galaxy, roughly tw (MORE)

What is out of the universe?

The definition of "universe" is something like: All of space, all of time, and everything that occupies them. So anything that can be named or described is, by definition, (MORE)

How do you get out of this universe?

At the present, there is no known way to get out of the universe. There have been speculations, but nothing that we know for sure would work, and even the speculations are con (MORE)

Why do we have a universe?

No one knows. However the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Mechanicsprohibits there from being nothing. But that something did notnecessarily have to become a unive (MORE)