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Why can't the universe be the center of the universe?

Something cannot be inside itself, for if that was the case, what would be surrounding it? For your question to make sense, it would require two universes, but that is by defi (MORE)

What is universal donor and universal recipients?

Blood group O is known as the "universal donor" because it has no antigens on its red blood cells and can therefore be safely given to any blood group. Blood Group AB is known (MORE)

How many parallel universes are in the universe?

3, or perhaps more. It depends on the theory to which you ascribe. For example, recent research done at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) led to the creation (MORE)

Is woodfeild university a fake university?

Woodfield University is part of the world's largest scam of diploma mills ever exposed. Besides a solid F rating by the Better Business Bureau, Woodfield University is part of (MORE)

What is university?

It is an institute of learning at the highest level, having a college of liberal arts and a programme of graduate studies together with several professional schools such as la (MORE)

Is Davenport University an accredited university?

Answer 1: Yes, Davenport University is an accredited university. You can see their list of accreditation here in the Related Link below. Answer 2: Actually, the link referre (MORE)

Is Glastonbury University in UK a university?

It was a preschool for demented black babies.It was a preschool for  demented black babies.It was a preschool for demented black  babies.It was a preschool for demented blac (MORE)

Is Ashwood University a legitimate university?

No. Ashwood University literally sells its diplomas, and does not require any study. Each country has their own educational systems that provide recognition to universities an (MORE)