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Is grand canyon university a division 1?

Yes, Grand Canyon University just announced that they are a Division 1 school competing in the Western Athletic Conference.
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What will happen to the universe 1 googolplex years from now?

There is no scientific proof of what will or can happen to the  universe tomorrow so nobody can really say what will happen in 1  googolplex years from now. I would hope tha (MORE)

When are 2011 mcom part-1 results of mumbai university?

It is anybody's guess. Even I am awaiting the results. The October 2011 timetable is given, without providing the results of April 2011. How can a University function i n this (MORE)

Why is manchester important?

Manchester, located in Northwest England, is the sixth largest city  in the United Kingdom. It was established around 79 AD as the Roman  fort, Mamucium. It is ranked as a B (MORE)
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When MCom Part 1 in 2010 Results Declares in Mumbai University?

Dear Sir/Mam. When will be Part1 results 2010 declared, please let me know tht as early as possible . if any thing tht to know to you, please mail me to my mail id : p (MORE)