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Did New Mexico become part of Mexico?

When Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821, all the  territories it possessed included Mexico, most of Central America  (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua (MORE)

What are the words to the Eastern New Mexico University fight song?

O Hail, ENMU to  you,  May we ever be  loyal and true.  Loudly you praises  we sing,  Through the ages,  may they ring,  And all through  our lives we'll recall  The (MORE)

Why is New Mexico named New Mexico?

America was fighting with Mexico in order to win the land which we  know today as New Mexico. New Mexico was once part of Mexico, so  when it finally became American territo (MORE)

Is Mexico and New Mexico the same place?

Mexico is an independent counrty south of the US border (Officially United Mexican States). New Mexico is located north of the US border and is a state within the United State (MORE)

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Is Mexico city New Mexico?

No. Mexico City is the capital of the country of Mexico. Some cities within the state of New Mexico include Albuquerque, Roswell, Santa Fe or Las Cruces, but no "Mexico City" (MORE)

How long is the New Mexico Mexico border?

The US-Mexican Border is the international border between the United States of America and the country of Mexico. Most of this 3,141 Kilometers (1,952 miles) border is defined (MORE)