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Is University of Phoenix Online accredited?

Yes, University of Phoenix (UOP), both online and in-classroom, is  accredited, but some explanation of what that actually means is in  order. There are also some other cave (MORE)

How good is MBA from university of phoenix?

The university has the appropriate regional accreditation. Thus, the degree is valid and recognized by other accredited colleges and universities as well as employers. The ins (MORE)

What are some opinions on The University of Phoenix?

I think it is a good school and the material is more than adequate for college coursework, since I have attended both an online school and a regular university and I can compa (MORE)

Does the university of Phoenix have dorms?

No the University of Phoenix doesn't have dorms, and no it isn't only internet based. You have a choice to do it all online, or they have campuses. There is a University of Ph (MORE)
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Is the University of Phoenix a private school?

Let's define our terms a little better. Public schools are those that are, ultimately, run by "the government" (in the US, by a state government). They get money from the sta (MORE)

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Is Phoenix State University accredited?

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Is University of Phoenix a scam?

Yes, the University of Phoenix is a SCAM, as it is stricly for profit, and it targets the least able to succeed students (cash cows) in college for its enrollment (sales). Mos (MORE)

How do Regis University and University of Phoenix compare?

There will be differing viewpoints on this depending on the experiences of the students who attended school at each school. There are some differences that may help students d (MORE)