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Prayer for St. Francis Tagalog version?

DASAL NI SAN FRANCISCO Panginoon gawin po Ninyo kaming instrumento ng inyong kapayapaan Kung saan may pag-aalitan, hayaan po Ninyong maghatid kami ng pagmamahal Kung saan may (MORE)

Where is St. Francis of Assisi buried?

  His tomb is in the crypt of the St Francis Basilica in Assissi, Italy. It is a stone sarcophagus that lies under the altar in the crypt of the Basilica. When visiting th (MORE)

What did St. Francis of Assisi do to become a saint?

He made a lot of miracles and he founded an order of friars  (religious brothers who do not live in a monastery) that eventually  became known as the Franciscans. He preache (MORE)

What religion was St. Francis of Assisi?

St Francis of Assisi was a Roman Catholic who criticized the excesses of Church officials and chose to shame them by giving up his wealthy inheritance and dressing in rags. (MORE)

What was St. Francis of Assisi's impact on the church?

St Francis changed the Medieval Church in a number of ways. At the time the Church had accumulated a large amount of wealth. Its current monastic groups were very influenced b (MORE)
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When was St. Francis of Assisi beatified?

If Francis was beatified, the date is not available. However, he wascanonized on July 16, 1228, by Pope Gregory IX. The canonization process had only recently been introduced (MORE)

What are the symbols of St. Francis Xavier?

The symbols that are associated with Saint Francis Xavier are: A crucifix; preacher carrying a flaming heart; bell; globe; vessel; young bearded Jesuit in the company of Saint (MORE)