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What is the difference between St. Francis Xavier and St. Ignatius of Loyola?

Both of them was a Society of Jesus.The difference between them is that St. Ignatius of Loyola is a founder of Society of Jesus,a missionary in Europe while St. Francis Xavier (MORE)
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What is St. Francis of Assisi's birth date?

No one knows for sure. It was either in the year 1181 or 1182, but he died on October 4, 1226.
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Is st clements university a legal accredited university?

Yes, St Clements is accredited in several countries around the world. Details of documents confirming the accreditation of various countries are detailed on St Clements websit (MORE)

What happened to St Francis Hospital School of Nursing in Evanston Illinois?

It was closed in 1998. The nursing profession was getting high tech, moving away from hospital-based 2- and 3-year diploma programs towards BSN & ANP programs at universities. (MORE)

Is St Clements University a legally accredited university?

In 1999, under parliamentary privilege, Senator Kim Carr referred to a number of institutions including St Clements University which, in his opinion, were operating from Austr (MORE)

What problems did St. Francis of Assisi face?

Francis was kicked out of his home after god saved his life because he gave all his money to the poor and needy. He live on the streets helping people soon after and was stone (MORE)

Is St. Francis Xavier School park slope a good school?

YES IT IS A GOOD SCHOOL. It is a wonderful school it's strict,private and catholic very talented the teachers and students have patiences . It is also run by Sister Kathleen . (MORE)

What are the symbols of St. Francis Xavier?

The symbols that are associated with Saint Francis Xavier are: A crucifix; preacher carrying a flaming heart; bell; globe; vessel; young bearded Jesuit in the company of Saint (MORE)