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Is it hard to get into York University in Toronto?

It is often viewed as a safety school, mainly due to the fact that  it carries the burden of being within close regional proximity of  the University of Toronto, a much more (MORE)

Is new york university an ivy league school?

  No. Originally, the term "Ivy League" referred to the athletic conference made up of eight private colleges/universities located in the Northeastern part of the United S (MORE)

What are the requirements for admission to St John's University New York?

  Financial aid office: Type: Private-Religious Year founded: 1870 Student body: Coeducational Religious affiliation: No data ava (MORE)

Where is New York University located?

New York University (NYU) is in Lower Manhattan, in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, around Washington Square Park. The campus buildings are primarily located south to nort (MORE)

What is the ethnic diversity of New York University?

Ethnic diversity of New York University for the class of 2011:   Ethnicity   African-American..........3.7% Hispanic/Latino.............7.3% Native American..... (MORE)

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Is Princely International University in New York an accredited online university?

The school does not have a regional/national accreditation and is not recognized by the College Board. For colleges and universities within the United States and its territori (MORE)