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What does unpredictible mean?

Being unpredictable means not capable of being definitely decided.It usually can not be foretold and does not happen at expectedtimes.
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How do you be unpredictable in a relationship?

"How can you be unpredictable in a relationship".. well, the first question is, are YOU unpredictable? If so, I doubt you'll have much trouble with being unpredictable in a (MORE)
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Why are earthquakes unpredictable?

Although the region of an earthquake is fairly easy to predict as we know that they happen on fault lines and we can see where seismic activity is occurring, we can not measur (MORE)
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Why is radioactivity unpredictable?

Radioactivity depends on subatomic processes, and those are inherently unpredictable. The "why" is difficult to answer; but it seems that's the way our Universe works. You can (MORE)
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Are tsunamis unpredictable?

No. They are predictable, if an 6.5 or higher earthquake happens near or/and in the sea it could generate what we call tsunami.
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Why is the weather unpredictable?

There are many factors that contribute to weather beingunpredictable. Most factors are naturally caused, though some arehuman caused as well. The unpredictable global warming (MORE)
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Are tornadoes unpredictable?

Yes. While forecasts can be made for general risk areas, we cannot tell exactly when an where a tornado might touch down until it is actually forming.
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What is the meaning of unpredictable?

The definition of unpredictable is not able to be predicted. It would be something that will be a surprise when it occurs.
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Why were the floods unpredictable?

because no one can tell if they are coming but if you watch theweather channel they can sort of tell you what is going to happen