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Who are some unrecognized inventors?

AVitaly Mikhaylovich Abalakov, (1906-1986), Russia - camming devices, Abalakov thread (or V-thread) gearless ice climbing anchor.Hovannes Adamian, (1879-1932), Armenia/Russia (MORE)
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What are unrecognized drugs?

Unrecognized drugs are commercial products that have psychoactive drug effects but are not usually considered drugs. These substances are not generally regulated by law except (MORE)

How do you fix an unrecognized usb flash drive?

IF YOU HAVE A SLIDING FLASH DRIVE AND IT WAS BENT SOMEHOW, READ THIS... IT WILL SAVE YOU FROM DISASTER! the problem may be that the inner chip was either pushed back or pushed (MORE)

What is an unrecognized tax benefit?

Fin 48 clarified the accounting for uncertainty in income taxes by providing criteria for the recognition and measurement of Unrecognized Tax Benefits (UTB). UTBs are a reserv (MORE)

Who are some unrecognized filipino inventors?

Del Rosario who invented the karaoke sing-along system is not recognized as a inventor because it is believed that Japanese people invented the karaoke sing-along system befor (MORE)