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Auditing course - how to find unrecorded liabilities?

1. Look through unpaid invoices - look at the description of the services provided, and invoices date, Delivery Order date 2. Look at payment voucher after year end to find (MORE)

How long is an unrecorded deed valid?

One of the best features of a modern society is the system of land registration that organizes and documents land ownership. A grantee who is in possession of an unrecorded de (MORE)

Which accounts payable procedure can be used to locate unrecorded liabilities?

Yes, Current Liabilities are liabilities that will be paid off in one year or less. Accounts payable is where you record such liabilities. If it's a payment that will be made (MORE)

Can anyone give you rap lyrics that you can sing unrecorded?

well, if you want to show the world your song then your gonna have to make up lyrics yourself. As a singer/songwriter/musician i can understand that it is a little hard to mak (MORE)

Was there any unrecorded period of Jesus?

Yes, of course. There is complete history of no man who ever lived on earth. In the case of Jesus, the Bible records the story of his birth. The visit of the Wise Men and his (MORE)

Can you sell house in ga with unrecorded quitclaim deed?

If the deed is unrecorded then you will remain the record owner and any liens or other encumbrances recorded against you will affect the property . The property will remain v (MORE)
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How do you correct an unrecorded quit claim deed when the grantor is deceased?

You cannot correct an error in an unrecorded deed when the grantor has died. You need to take the matter before a judge and request the court's help in making the necessary co (MORE)