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What does duodenum was unremarkable mean?

It means that the appearance of the duodenum itself (connecting the stomach to the small intestine) was not unusual in a way that suggests some structural defect, abnormality, (MORE)
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What does it mean when you have a unremarkable CT of the abdomen?

  The comment 'unremarkable' in all laboratory testing, exams, and machine scans means there was nothing in the scan, test, or exam that indicates a problem. Everything ap (MORE)
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What is meaning of 'the posterior fossa is unremarkable'?

When a radiologist says the posterior fossa is unremarkable it  means that everything looks normal. Posterior means back, fossa is  an anatomical pit of the skull, and unrem (MORE)

What does unremarkable alignment of the spine mean?

The term "unremarkable alignment of the spine" is a common expression used in a radiology report of the spine that means the spinal alignment of the vertebrae in relation to e (MORE)