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What is the opposite of unremarkable?

The opposite of unremarkable is remarkable, meaning extraordinary, outstanding, or noteworthy. Unremarkable means that whatever it is doesn't stand out. Ordinary or run-of (MORE)
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What does heart is unremarkable mean?

Usually found on the reading of a radiograph (xray, CT, etc), it means the appearance of the heart or cardiac silhouette is without abnormality.
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What is unremarkable squamous epithelium?

In medical terms, unremarkable means normal. Squamous epithelium is the normal skin type that covers most of your body. So this result is good news.
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What does right ovary unremarkable mean?

Unremarkable in medical terms means normal. So of the right ovary was unremarkable, that means there was no apparent problem during the imaging study. Good news!
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What is unremarkable squamous mucosa?

Squamous cells fit together like floor tiles to form the lining ofthe mouth, eye lids, nose and other body openings. The tissue iscalled mucosa or mucous membrane. If there is (MORE)