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MySpace is unsafe?

  Yes it is. But you can make it safer by: making your proflie private, adding only friends/people you know, etc..
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Is wizard101 unsafe?

Wizard101 is totally safe.Wizard101 dosent have viruses or bugs.Wizard101 is friendly but there are 8% out of a 100 who are mean
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What is unsafe for a ferret to do?

Lots of things are unsafe for a ferret to do. Ferrets should usually be supervised. Here are three of them: Dont let your ferret eat something suspicious. If you see your ferr (MORE)

Why is jailbreaking unsafe?

No, you can always restore if something goes wrong (which typically doesn't if you know what your doing) but your device never becomes unusable unless you do something to the (MORE)

What is unsafe procedures?

Any act or omission that has the potential to cause harm or is detrimental to personnel or property is an unsafe procedure.
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