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Why is Tobacco unsafe?

Tobacco is unsafe because of the various effects it has on thehuman body. It can cause damage to the lungs and prematurewrinkling of the skin.
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Is unsafe good?

I hate Marlon, Lirim, and everyone from the stinking Bronx Law community. Ariel is fat which I still don't understand because he eats like a pig. I bet if he were staranded on (MORE)

What is unsafe for a ferret to do?

Lots of things are unsafe for a ferret to do. Ferrets should usually be supervised. Here are three of them: . Dont let your ferret eat something suspicious. If you see your (MORE)

Why is jailbreaking unsafe?

No, you can always restore if something goes wrong (which typically doesn't if you know what your doing) but your device never becomes unusable unless you do something to the (MORE)