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How unsafe is an asbestos exterior on a house?

Asbestos exteriors on houses is usually in the form of asbestos cement or similar hard materials. The asbestos fibers in such materials is "encapsulated" and cannot be release (MORE)
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How do you restrain a unsafe child in school?

lay the child face down near a corner and put there arms be hind there back like there being arrested and hold the arms with 2 hands or 1 hand and put your but on the child's (MORE)
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Is aluminum chlorohydrate in deodorants unsafe?

  of course. You are putting Aluminum Clorohydrate into your pores which is getting absorbed by your TWO MAJOR LYMPH GLANDS right under your arm pits.
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What is difference between unsafe act and unsafe condition?

An unsafe act is any action that a human can take which may cause  danger to living beings or surrounding material items (i.e. a  house, a car, a garden, etc).    An (MORE)
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How does unsafe food affect the body?

Most food that is unsafe is unsafe because of bacteria. Be it E-coli, Salmonella, Botulism or others, it causes the body to experience vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, very (MORE)

How does food become unsafe?

Food becomes unsafe when it is stored inappropriately, e.g at the wrong temperature, uncovered, in a sunny place etc... When conditions are not appropriate to the storage of t (MORE)

What are things that can make a home unsafe?

If there is too much clutter, it can make the home unsafe for many  reasons:    Dust accummulate  Clutter accummulates such that cleaning under them and picking  them (MORE)