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Unsafe and Unsanitary Products in the 1900s?

One of them is meat/ham. The "de-vyled" ham was made out of the ends of smoked beef that were too small to be sliced by machines; and also tripe, dyed with chemicals so that i (MORE)
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Are cloth napkins unsanitary?

No, not if they are laundered properly. They were used for hundreds of years before modern ones, and if they were so bad, the human race would have been affected in some way. (MORE)
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Why is urine unsanitary?

It is one way your body gets rid of WASTE products (and or toxins) your body cannot use. Your urine may not be THAT unsanitary to you (because your body produced it), but it (MORE)
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What are the most unsanitary places in the house?

I think that the most unsanitary thing in your house would be a sponge. Sponges sit and collect dirt then you wash dishes and other things with it and try and rinse after. Wha (MORE)
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Is it unsanitary to try on a bra?

There is nothing about bras that makes them particularly unsanitaryto try on a bra. Unlike underwear or contact lenses there is noreason not to try them on.