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Why was the AFL unsuitable?

AFL isn't unsuitable. There is anything wrong with it. It overtook the populairty of NRL.
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What is an unsuitable question?

On WikiAnswers, an unsuitable question is any question that violates our Terms of Use in any way, or is otherwise useless to the community. Remember, an unsuitable question do (MORE)

What questions are unsuitable to ask on WikiAnswers?

Questions that are unsuitable to ask on WikiAnswers are personal information questions. (Personal information questions are questions like "how old are you","what is your name (MORE)
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When is felbamate unsuitable?

Felbamate may not be suitable for persons with a history of stroke , anemia, liver or kidney disease, mental illness, diabetes, high blood presure, angina (chest pain ), irreg (MORE)

Why is intracellular digestion unsuitable?

1. The small intestine is LONG- this ensures food remains in the small intestine long enough for the products of digestion to be fully absorbed into the bloodstrem. 2. The Sma (MORE)

Why is pascal unsuitable for systems programming?

What gives you that idea? The entire OS of the UCSD-pSystem & the original version of MAC OS, on the 68000, were written in Pascal. Both worked quite well.
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Why is cows milk unsuitable for babies?

Cows milk is not the best nutrition for human babies. A statement (Unsuitable for babies) is sometimes added to the packaging to encourage breastfeeding.
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