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Why was the AFL unsuitable?

AFL isn't unsuitable. There is anything wrong with it. It overtook the populairty of NRL.
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What is an unsuitable question?

On WikiAnswers, an unsuitable question is any question that violates our Terms of Use in any way, or is otherwise useless to the community. Remember, an unsuitable question do (MORE)
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Why is glacial till unsuitable for building?

Glacial till is in fact very commonly used in building. It is over consolidated and so is very stiff making it a very good founding material as there is very little settlement (MORE)

What foods are unsuitable for children?

It very much depends on the age of the child. And the list of suitable foods is shorter. Suitable Food Infants 1 to 5 years: Whole milk; yoghurt; fruit(cut up or cooked); vege (MORE)
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When is felbamate unsuitable?

Felbamate may not be suitable for persons with a history of stroke , anemia, liver or kidney disease, mental illness, diabetes, high blood presure, angina (chest pain ), irreg (MORE)