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Machine stitching is unsuitable for?

Machine stitching is used in the basic construction of garments   because it's strong and quick to do. However, it's unsuitable   for some operations, such as ".soft h (MORE)
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Why is glacial till unsuitable for building?

Glacial till is in fact very commonly used in building. It is over consolidated and so is very stiff making it a very good founding material as there is very little settlement (MORE)

What foods are unsuitable for children?

It very much depends on the age of the child. And the list of suitable foods is shorter. Suitable Food Infants 1 to 5 years: Whole milk; yoghurt; fruit(cut up or cooked); vege (MORE)

What foods are unsuitable to give to children and why?

Well coffee is bad for children's bones. And of course sugar and fast foods are bad for your body and make you very fat. Eating after 8:30 Is bad because you gain triple the w (MORE)

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What questions are unsuitable for WikiAnswers?

We know "unsuitable" can be a bit vague, so if you're wondering what Answers' standards are, we're here to explain! What is considered "unsuitable" subject matter on Answers? (MORE)

Why are the gas giants unsuitable for life?

  There are to main reasons why gas giants are unsuitable for life.   1. the atmosphere of most gas giants are toxic to most forms of life   2. the gas giants are gi (MORE)

What makes lead unsuitable for plumbing?

On supply lines, lead can leach into the water system and add unwanted lead to your drinking/cooking. There are lead free solders that work very well.
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Why is natural rubber unsuitable for vehicle tires?

natural rubber is not the perfect compound for vehicle tyres. the temperature and friction created by the vehicle will easily rip apart the molecues of the natural rubber - pu (MORE)