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Is quite unsure?

No, quite means 'completely' in the context of "I'm quite sure". The definition of 'quite' is: completely, wholly, or entirely: quite the reverse; not quite finished.

What do you call someone who is unsure about God?

A person who is unsure about the existence of God is calledan agnostic while a person who does not believe in theexistence of God is called an atheist. Keep in mind that a (MORE)

What is a word for feeling worried or unsure?

Insecure, hesitant, uncertain, shy, un-confident, irresolute, doubtful, undecided, unconvinced, suspicious, concerned, anxious, apprehensive, nervous, bothered, troubled, vexe (MORE)

What you will do if you unsure Of blood pressure reading?

I do my own blood pressure and temperature every day and if i get a reading that i think is wrong i do it again, if it is still the same i go to my doctor or phone the health (MORE)

What does it mean when a girl is unsure about you?

It means she needs time. She was probably hurt by someone in the past and needs time to "analyse" you, so she feels safe that you won't do the same to her. There are also ma (MORE)