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Why is friar Lawrence unsure at first about marrying Romeo and Juliet?

There are multiple reasons for why friar lawrence was unsure about  marrying Romeo and Juliet-    -The fact that they had met not 12 hours ago,   -Romeos aparent l (MORE)
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In Verdi's La Traviata Violetta sings what when unsure of herself?

in a lower key Second answer Violetta sings "Ah, fors'è lui" thinking Alfredo may be the one for her, but unsure of her feelings. By the time she sings the cabaletta, "Semp (MORE)

What can you do if your boyfriend is unsure about your relationship?

  Ask him in a very direct and clear way to tell you why, and listen to him. Try to press him for a clear answer, but don't badger him. If you can get a legit and understa (MORE)

What do you call someone who is unsure about God?

A person who is unsure about the existence of God is called  an agnostic while a person who does not believe in the  existence of God is called an atheist.   Keep in min (MORE)

Why was Jefferson unsure as to whether or not he could buy the Louisiana territory?

He was a strict constructionist and since the Constitution never explicitly stated that the President had the authority to purchase land, he was conflicted between his views a (MORE)