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What is the song Unthinkable by Alica Keys about?

Answer I think it's about two people who have very strong feelings (possibly a deep and unique love) for each other that each one tries to deny due to circumstances but they (MORE)

What is unthinkable by Alicia Keys about?

the video is about her liking a white person in the days when it was not socially acceptable the song is about her relationship with Swizz beats who was married at the time a (MORE)
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Is unthinkable a Compliment?

Well Unthinkable is kinda a compliment but not that much it is kind if like an insult
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Why did the movie unthinkable not make it to theatres?

Because it showed the USA torturing terrorist and killing of innocent people, you think they would ever release something like that? No way! Yet they can release stuff like "T (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Unthinkable - 2007?

The cast of Unthinkable - 2007 includes: Tony Alcantar as Forensic Agent Garry Chalk as Captain Laughlan Floyd Faircrest as Robber Michelle Forbes as Jamie McDowell Philip Gra (MORE)

What are the yellow unthinkables?

The yellow unthinkable are a destination imagination team. They arethe best destination imagination team. There are 6 people on theteam. One third grader and five fourth grade (MORE)