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What is Ununhexium?

Ununhexium is the systematic element name for the chemical elementwith the atomic number 116, Chemical symbol Uuh.
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Where can ununhexium be found?

Ununhexium is an artificial chemical element; it is prepared only in nuclear physics laboratories using particle accelerators.
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How was the ununhexium made?

The first nuclear reaction used to obtain ununhexium was: 48 20 Ca + 248 96 Cm------------ 296 116 Uuh*------------- 293 116 Uuh + 3 n
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What symbol is ununhexium?

Ununhexium is a temporary name for the element 116, recommended by IUPAC; probable in the next year a permanent name will be proposed and accepted. The chemical symbol is n (MORE)