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What is unusual about Portugal?

Portugal has many unusual things about it. One of them is the melancholic national personality. Very related with the word SAUDADE (with no translation in any other language) (MORE)

What animals are unusual?

Well...I've never seen a sloth before. Though almost all animals other than squirrels, birds, dogs, cats, rats, snakes, spiders, insects, humans, horses, fish, cows, deer, rac (MORE)

What is software?

Software is a term for a set of instructions, which makes a computer to perform a task. The set of instructions are commonly known as a program, without which computers cannot (MORE)

What is unusual about Esperanto?

Lots of things, but the main one is that it a language that was created - a planned language. Most languages develop over hundreds of years, but Esperanto was created in the 1 (MORE)
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Why was Janus unusual?

  He was the Roman god of endings and beginnings, and had two faces, one looking forward and the other back.
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How do you spell unusual?

The word is spelled unusual, just as you spelled it. "Usual" is the base word, and "un-" is the prefix.
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How do you get unusual bugs on HorseIsle 2?

Check inside the pitcher plants on the marshy isles, some of them will have 'unusual bugs' inside them. -- you can also take a boat to pitcher isle, which is near there, I've (MORE)

What does software do?

Software refers to the programming and various programs and files on your computer, for example, your operating system (windows xp/vista/7) is considered software, as is your (MORE)

What is a unusual talent?

an unusual talent might be to try to juggle knives while standing on the saddle of a moving horse, or learning how to become a pro trapeze artist, those would be fun! another (MORE)