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Which amendment prevents unwarranted searches and arrests?

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution prevents against unwarranted searches and arrests. The Fourth Amendment states the following, "The right of the people to be secure in (MORE)

What does unwarranted mean?

Unwarranted means not justified or unwarranted. An example of this  word used in a sentence is, the girl kept throwing unwarranted  claims at her friend who had no involveme (MORE)

What does copper warranted and unwarranted mean?

Warranted means it is available for trade on an exchange. A  certificate of warrent exists for that lot of copper, letting the  exchange know it is available for trade. Unwa (MORE)

What is the difference between a warranted and an unwarranted assumption?

There is at least some reasonable and verifiable evidence behind a  warranted assumption. I think that even with evidence, the  consequences of an assumption have to be cons (MORE)