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What are the upanishads?

The collection of Vedict texts is called Upanishads. It includesthe early central and religious concepts of Buddhism, Hinduism, andJainism.

How many Upanishads are there?

There are more than 200 known Upanishads of which the most well known are Brahmasutra and the Bhagavatgita. The 10 are most important are: Eashavasyopanishad, Kenopanishad, (MORE)

Who wrote the upanishads?

Yajnavalkya, Uddalaka Aruni, and Sanatkumara are among the authorsto whom some of the Upanishads have been attributed. There may havealso been female authors of Upanishads, no (MORE)

What are the Upanishads and what do they explain?

The knowledge that was prized the most in ancient India by the rishis is known as Vidya. As a result of this Vidya or Knowledge of Reality, one attains bliss and immortality. (MORE)

What is an upanishad?

The Upanishad is "Upa + ni + Sad" which means "nearest to thetruth". "Sad" or "Sat" means the "real", the "thing really exists"etc., An example would reveal and confirm this. (MORE)