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What is upgradation?

Replacing any of your component in your computer with a better one is called upgradation. -no one has really asked the meaning because it was clear from it's root word upgrad (MORE)

How do you upgrade a PC?

This is a simple-sounding question but it is impossible to give a simple answer! Before any advice can be given to you, anyone who knows something about computers would want (MORE)

What is r4i upgrade?

R4i upgrade, there are several meaning. Learn from 1. the item's name. 2. the item need to be upgraded before it works with the console. 3. the kerne (MORE)
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What is upgrade for Pokemon?

Upgrade is an item that when put on a Porygon and that Porygon is traded, it evolves into Porygon2. Porygon2 will evolve into PorygonZ when traded with a Dubious Disk.
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How do you upgrade your itouch?

First,make sure itouch is ON and iTunes is already running. Second, plug in itouch to USB cable and wait until it syncs. Third, when it's done you can push update bottom t (MORE)
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How do you upgrade juggernog?

To get the juggernog you must make your way to the cinema (which is the room with the teleporter. Go to the opposite side of the cinema from where the teleporter is and go to (MORE)