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What is the best upright piano?

  There is no "best piano." The best way to tell what is best is to go to a Piano Hall or visit private homes to try out a piano you might be interested in and go with wha (MORE)
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What is a upright man?

An upright man is a man who carries a staff to prop himself up  with. Demands money, possesions or eben women from passers by.

Is a Harpsichord upright?

Harpsichords and pianos are completely different, the piano using hammers on the strings whereas the harpsichord is plucked by "quills". Harpsichords are shaped like a grand p (MORE)

What is moral uprightness?

It depends what moral code you prescribe to. If you believe in the moral code which Jehovah God gave to mankind - - then you would need to be pretty chaste in your moral condu (MORE)