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In canoeing what is the upright kneeling position?

Upright Kneeling position explained . In comparison to the Cruising and relief position it is kneeling, however to contrast it with the upright, you are sitting on the cano (MORE)
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What is a upright man?

An upright man is a man who carries a staff to prop himself upwith. Demands money, possesions or eben women from passers by.

What is morally upright?

To be called morally upright means that you have high moralstandards and character. Clergy members should be morally upright.

Is a Harpsichord upright?

Harpsichords and pianos are completely different, the piano using hammers on the strings whereas the harpsichord is plucked by "quills". Harpsichords are shaped like a grand p (MORE)

What is the best brand of upright basses?

I think that shopping by brand is not the most productive way to go about buying a bass unless you are a beginner and want a quality student model. If you're experienced an (MORE)

What is moral uprightness?

It depends what moral code you prescribe to. If you believe in the moral code which Jehovah God gave to mankind - - then you would need to be pretty chaste in your moral condu (MORE)