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What is upscale attire?

Upscale attire generally means to wear a professional outfit. This  consists of dress pants, shoes, and a tucked in undershirt. For  women it means to wear a gown or dress t (MORE)

What is upscale hotel?

An upscale hotel is one which has many higher quality services and  amenities. These include luxury suits, room service, and high end  furnishings.

What is upscale cruise?

some upscale cruise lines are like celebrity or maybe princess and holland America one of the most upscale would prolly be cunard being queen Victoria or the Queen Elizabeth.
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Where is the upscale part of Raleigh NC?

In Raleigh? Most areas in North Raleigh are the most upscale.  Search for homes in the northern areas of Raleigh and you'll see.  Lots of upscale dining and such there, but (MORE)

What does upscale urban mean?

Upscale urban may mean high-density, high-rise living with doormen, a rooftop pool, secure parking, high-speed elevators and so forth. The governing documents and the budget (MORE)