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Does the PS3 upscale DVDs?

Yes it does a very good job and the TV shows that I record on my Media Center Computer play much better on the PS3 than they ever did on the Sony DVD/VCR. I also like the abil (MORE)

What is the difference between upscaling and upconversion in a DVD player?

    Upconversion simply means that all of the components you have plugged into the back of the receiver will be upconverted to an HDMI output so you only have to run o (MORE)

What is upscale attire?

Upscale attire generally means to wear a professional outfit. This  consists of dress pants, shoes, and a tucked in undershirt. For  women it means to wear a gown or dress t (MORE)

What is upscale casual dress code?

The upscale casual dress code depends with the occasion. An upscale  dress code for women would be simple cotton or khaki skirts in a  classic style paired with a nice blous (MORE)

What is the best upscale large sedan?

Everyone must have their own opinion but mine is the Infiniti m45. This car is truly beautiful, functional, everything on could want. You cannot go wrong with Infiniti.
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