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Are there any photos of urs buhlers girlfriends?

Urs Buhler of Il Divo has only one girlfriend and her name is Tania Rodney. You can find a beautiful picture of them together on the Il Divo website in the Lounge. They certai (MORE)

Is Urs Married from IL Divo?

Q IL DIVO, URS BUHLER MARRIED? A ..not sure, don't know.. Urs is a partner to Tania Rodney with whom he has a child. I believe they own a home in London and in his native (MORE)

What words end with suffix - ure?

 abjure  adventure  allure  architecture  acupuncture  adventure  aperture  armature  assure  brochure  capture  caricature  censure  cincture  creature  clos (MORE)

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What is a continent?

A continent is a large contiguous land mass. Originally, continentswere determined geo-politically: large land masses separated fromeach other by oceans and mountain ranges, c (MORE)

Urs buhler and tanya Rodney?

I read an interview with Urs about the current tour and he spoke lovingly about Tania and Billie. They are not married so perhaps they have an open marriage which allows him t (MORE)