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How high are the ural mountains?

2500 km. The above must be someone's estimate of length - I make it closer to 1600 km. The highest Ural mountain seems to be about 1900 METRES, so the average would be around (MORE)

When were the Ural mountains formed?

The Ural Mountains were formed about 300 million years ago. They  are still quite tall for being so old. They formed near the end of  the Carboniferous Period.

Where are the Ural Mountains located?

The Ural Mountains are located mostly in Russia, with the southern end in Kazakhstan. The range is considered to mark the continental border between Europe and Asia , extendi (MORE)
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In what direction do the Ural Mountains run?

  The Ural Mountains run mostly north-south at about 60 degrees East longitude. The Urals mark part of the continental divide between Asia and Europe.
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What is the weather like in Urals mountain?

In the Winter it becomes minus 40/40/60 deg. Celsius but in the Summer temp reachhes at 10/15/20 deg C. ( depending on what month of Summer or Winter, and at what altitude)
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How long is the Ural mountain range?

  The Urals extend 2,498 km from the Kazakh steppes along the northern border of Kazakhstan to the coast of the Arctic oceanThe Urals extend 2,498 km from the Kazakh stepp (MORE)