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What is urban geography?

The study of an area highly concentrated with building and other  infrastructures. These areas usually tend to have high population  density as well.
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What is urban?

urban is like the city (big places) Urban is a city where there are lots of people rushing around.. Urban city never run out of food.
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What is urbanity?

  An intensive systematic negotiable public space.   Intensive means mixed use in dense arrengement.   Systematic means methodical, even when non geometrical.   (MORE)

What is a urban?

Urban applies to a city or a town. (as opposed to rural which refers to the countryside)
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How is urban growth different from urbanization?

The difference between urbanization and urban growth is that urbanization is the increasing proportion of country's population living within urban areas (which would be given (MORE)

What is crowding in urbanization?

Crowding in urbanization refers to urban centers being  overpopulated. People usually come to seek employment and do  business in urbanized areas which results into crowding (MORE)

What was rapid urbanization?

Rapid urbanization is the process by which towns and cities are formed quickly and become larger as more and more people begin living and working in central areas. Urbanizatio (MORE)

What is urban and what are urban problems?

"Urban" comes from the Latin word urbs, urbis meaning a city. "Urban" means having to do with cities. "Urban problems" are problems connected with city life: overcrowding, pol (MORE)