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Do sea urchins lay eggs?

Yes, In fact, A female sea urchin can lay up to 500 million eggs in  her lifetime. These eggs are released out into the sea. A male sea  urchin releases billions of sperm ce (MORE)

What is software?

Software is a term for a set of instructions, which makes a computer to perform a task. The set of instructions are commonly known as a program, without which computers cannot (MORE)

Is a sea urchin a arthropod?

No. Sea urchins are echinoderms, meaning, appropriately enough, "spiny skin". Some of the characteristics of arthropods are jointed appendages, an exoskeleton, and a segmented (MORE)

How many spines does a sea urchin have?

There are over 200 species of sea urchins. They all have varying  spine counts ranging from 200 to several thousand.
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How are sea urchins beneficial?

  sea urchins are beneficial because they feed on dead organisms and help recycle materials. they control the growth of algae in coastal areas.
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How do sea urchins get food?

sea urchins get their food by scraping algae off rocks, eating other small sea creatures by stinging them with their stingers,and using their tubed-like feet to eat it.
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What does software do?

Software refers to the programming and various programs and files on your computer, for example, your operating system (windows xp/vista/7) is considered software, as is your (MORE)
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