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Does Urea contain nitrogen?

Yes, Urea does contain Nitrogen (N). Two Nitrogen atoms are covalently bonded to the molecule (as amines) which is just under half of urea's total mass (urea is 47% Nitrogen b (MORE)
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How you control urea?

please give me some knowledge about what is urea and how i am save .and urea .in which food

What is urea?

Urea (NH 2 ) 2 CO is a chemical that comes from the breakdown of proteins. It is the main source of Nitrogen in urine and is excreted by the body as a waste product from your (MORE)
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What is the source of urea?

excess amino acids in the liver break down in a process called  deamination,this splits the amino acids into ammonia which is  broken down into urea using carbon dioxide, an (MORE)

What is urea and how is it formed?

Previous INCORRECT answer:   "Urea is a form of protein produced by the kidneys."   There are 2 things wrong with this statement.   #1 - Not a protein. #2 - Not produ (MORE)
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What is Urea in the blood?

Urea is one of the substances in urine, and urine is in your blood stream until the kidney extract the urine from your blood.

How does urea work?

The nitrogen found in urea is produced when the body breaks down  proteins and amino acids and its liquid form is combined with  ammonia and carbon dioxide to be used in fer (MORE)

What is the function of urea?

Urea is a form of chemical waste in mammals including humans that  forms into urine. Urea is produced when the body breaks down  proteins and amino acids and its liquid form (MORE)
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How urea is organic?

The formula of urea is CO(NH2)2. It is  organic because the formula contains a carbon atom. The only  compounds that contain carbon and are not considered organic are  carb (MORE)