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Is the Parachute band a Christian band?

Yes, The Parachute Band is a Christian band! Their song Mercy is featured on Casting Crowns' 2009 studio album, Until The Whole World Hears. In front of me, I have the All Th (MORE)

How was king David obedient to God's commandments when he had Uriah murdered?

Answer 1   Uriah was a rebel against David's authority and as such deserved to  die (Talmud, Shabbat 56a). David was blamed only because he  engineered Uriah's death in (MORE)

Is the band 'Chevelle' a Christian Band?

They started out on a Christian music label which tanked, where they pursued other companies, leaving the Christian Music spectrum altogether. So although all the band membe (MORE)

Who was Uriah Heap?

Uriah Heep is a character in the novel David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. "probably the most consumate villain that has ever existed..." First Published in 1850. It is (MORE)

How many albums have uriah heep sold?

English rock band Uriah Heep have sold more than 40 million of  their 24 studio albums. Their last album made in 2014 is titled  Outsider.
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Why did God allow David to live after he murdered Uriah?

God was watching, however, and uncovered the whole reprehensible matter. If God had permitted the case involving David and Bath-sheba to be handled by human judges under the M (MORE)