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Who was Uriah Heap?

Uriah Heep is a character in the novel David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. "probably the most consumate villain that has ever existed..." First Published in 1850. It is (MORE)

Who was Uriah in the Bible?

Uriah was the husband of Bathsheba, whom David had murdered by putting him in the front of a battle, so that David could have Uriah's wife. II Samuel 11:1
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Why did David have Uriah killed?

Very simply, David desired Uriah's wife and as he could not take her while Uriah stilled lived, he had Uriah killed.
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David and Uriah?

6 So David sent this word to Joab: "Send me Uriah the Hittite." And Joab sent him to David. 7 When Uriah came to him, David asked him how Joab was, how the soldiers were (MORE)
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Who is Uriah C. Lasso?

Uriah C. Lasso is not a real person but he is Bradley Chalkers's favorite book author in there's a boy in the girl's bathroom by Louis Sachar.

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