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How do you take a urinalysis?

You Go To Wherever It's Scheduled,Empty Your Pockets And Urinate In A Plastic Cup.Then It Is Either Tested In Office By A Professional,Or Sent Off To A Lab For Examination.Whe ( Full Answer )
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What does a urinalysis show?

A urine test can show anything that is in the system. How long ago it was taken and how much was taken.
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What is urinalysis?

Determination of chemical components and physical characteristics of urine (pH, density, color, odor, glucose, cetones, blood cells, suspensions, etc.)
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Wbc in urinalysis?

WBC or white blood cells in urinalysis is indicative of aninfection. It is quite possible that such results indicate aurinary tract infection and a course of antibiotics is us ( Full Answer )
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What can urinalysis show?

Urinalysis is a very helpful test in assessing many conditions. It is through urinalaysis that urinary tract infections are diagnosed. Urinalysis is also used in the assessmen ( Full Answer )
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Why have a urinalysis done?

A urinalysis screens for multiple conditions such as urine / kidney infections, orther forms of kidney disease, vascular disease, liver disease, diabetes and others.
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Who should not have a urinalysis?

Urinalysis should not be performed while a woman is menstruating or having a vaginal discharge
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What is a offshore urinalysis for?

This is for your safety. See when you eat ham it goes right through you digestive system and in the toilet. But if you pooh out fur that means you drank too many red bulls.
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What are casts in a urinalysis?

Small fibrous objects formed from materials that collect in the kidney tubules and are washed out by normal urine flow.
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What is the aim of urinalysis?

The Urine is a readily available and continuous bodily fluid. analyzing it It gives us a great view of what the body is using, passing and retaining. Salts, protein's, sugars, ( Full Answer )