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Can a urinary tract infection kill you if you have it?

Sure it can if it progresses to pyelonephritis (kidney infections).  Remember that urinary tract is directly connected to the kidneys.  Many people will be fine even if they (MORE)

How do you treat a urinary tract infection?

Typical medical treatment for a UTI is the medication Bactrim (a  sulfa drug) or Cipro, an antibiotic. The treatment is usually for  10 days, but if the infection is severe (MORE)

How do men get urinary tract infections?

Yes males can receive UTI's, they are known as Protsitis.   Bacteria reaches the prostate gland causing swelling, infection may  spread downwards towards the testes causi (MORE)

What can you do to clear a Urinary Tract infection?

The best thing to do is drink alot of water and REAL cranberry  juice. Go to a store like wholefoods and in the juice section there  is natural juices that are not from conc (MORE)

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Is a urinary tract infection serious?

Short answer:   Usually it's not if its treated early and appropriately. A quick  trip to the health clinic for some antibiotics should do the trick.     Long a (MORE)