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Why do we urinate?

We urinate after we eat or drink because we absorb the vitamins and nutrients we can use and expel the rest. It also helps with regulating body temperature.
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How and why do you urinate?

Urine is the body's way of eliminating fluid waste products. Urine contains waste or excess materials and toxic substances. Urine's main content is water. In fact 95 per cent (MORE)

What is urination?

Urination is the release of urine, or liquid waste, from the kidneys. If you are male, your urine comes out of the penis; if you are female, you have a separate urinary openin (MORE)
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How do you urinate?

The body has specific mechanisms for when the bladder will release urine, and how it releases urine. First, the brain is always in a "go ahead and go" setting for urination. (MORE)

What is urine?

Wastes the body doesn't need and dispels it out of your body in the  form of a liquid it is also a watery fluid produced by the kidneys  that contains urea and other wastes
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Why do you have to urinate?

Because When You Drink Liquids Such As Water, Juice Etc... You Tend To Use The Toilet, And That's Because When It Passes Through Your System E.G Stomach, Bladder, Kidneys, Int (MORE)
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Do you have to urinate?

Yes, you must urinate. Urine is continuously produced in your kidneys and stored in your bladder, and you must empty your bladder from time to time.
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What is a urine?

The fluid produced by the kidneys. It consists of excess water and the toxic waste products from food. .