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How does Urine Therapy work to treat a rash?

In the West, the thought of urine therapy is simply outrageous and complete snake oil. In the East it is a different story all together. Millions and Millions of Chinese, Japa (MORE)

What is urination?

Urination is the release of urine, or liquid waste, from the kidneys. If you are male, your urine comes out of the penis; if you are female, you have a separate urinary openin (MORE)

Can someone taking pills for diabetes use urine therapy?

hi,  anyone with diabetes can ingest urine therapy (traditionally referred to as shivambu). one must take extra precautions during practising urine therapy as a diabetic. the (MORE)
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What ailments can be treated by urine therapy?

Multiple sclerosis , colitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, hepatitis , hyperactivity, psoriasis, eczema , diabetes, herpes, mononucleosis , and adrenal failure.
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Is music therapy physical therapy?

No. Music therapy and physical therapy are two separate disciplines. Music therapists and physical therapists may co-treat, however. And music therapy may address motor skills (MORE)

What is urine?

Wastes the body doesn't need and dispels it out of your body in the  form of a liquid it is also a watery fluid produced by the kidneys  that contains urea and other wastes
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Why do we urinate?

We urinate after we eat or drink because we absorb the vitamins and nutrients we can use and expel the rest. It also helps with regulating body temperature.
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What is vasopressor therapy?

Vasopressor therapy is a medical strategy that aims to improve blood pressure and other hemodynamic parameters by utilising various drugs that act to promote the constriction (MORE)

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