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Why is Uruguay named Uruguay?

Uruguay (the country) is named like that because of the name of the river that separates it from Argentina. Uruguay's (the country) full name is "República Oriental del Urugu (MORE)
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What is the religion of Uruguay?

Uruguay is a secular country so it doesn't have an official religion. About 66% of the people are Roman Catholic. All the public schools in Uruguay are secular and don't teac (MORE)
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What borders Uruguay?

Argentina in the west, Brazil in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. Uruguay is also bordered by the Uruguay River, which forms part of the border between it and A (MORE)
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Where is Uruguay?

Uruguay is a comparatively small country in South America, along the Atlantic coast between Brazil and Argentina. Its capital is Montevideo. The Uruguay River separates it fr (MORE)
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What cars are in Uruguay?

Most of the cars in Uruguay are from the brans Peugeot, Citroën, Chevrolet and Volkswagen. Many are used cars from the 1990s and before but you also see many new cars in Mont (MORE)

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