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How old is the USA?

It is 235 years of age.This depends on what you consider the birth of the United States  is. If you measure from the Declaration of Independance (1776),  then its 229 years (MORE)

What do networks do?

A network, in the broadest sense, is a path or paths of interconnections between sources of information or data. Networks exist to move information around, often times across (MORE)
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Can you buy aspirin that is made in USA?

There may be some old stock of truly "Made in USA" aspirin out there somewhere, however, if you call all the major manufacturers, you will find they all buy their bulk materia (MORE)
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How big is the USA?

The USA is the fourth biggest country after Russia, Canada, and China. It covers an area of 3,535,935 square miles.
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What is network?

Answer In Information Technology- A network is a group of computers that both share and receive data from one another. A really good example of this is the Internet.    (MORE)

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When was anime introduced into the USA?

Astro Boy: 1 January 1963 Anime started to have an influence on United States television and animation shows in the 1960s and has since become increasingly popular because o (MORE)

What is networking?

To interact or engage in informal communication with others for mutual assistance or support. Networkng is the product of the connection of PC terminals, client, and service. (MORE)