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What is usenet?

Answer . can be answered in detail here: or another GREAT resource is:
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Who is the founder of usenet?

Usenet was co-created in 1979 by two Duke University graduate students, Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis
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What are Usenet and ListServ?

Usenet is a public access network which provides user news and group e-mail.. Usenet is actually a giant, bulletin board maintained by volunteers who provide news and mail fe ( Full Answer )
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How do you download from usenet?

You need 3 things to download from Usenet. The first is a Usenet Newsgroups provider, such as Newshosting or Giganews. These providers charge for access but you can get fre ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Usenet free?

You can get free Usenet downloads by searching about on google for terms like "free usenet" or "free newsgroups". However the reality is that the free servers are crappy and y ( Full Answer )
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What is usenet used for?

Usenet / newsgroups are used to download series, movies, softwares... Why newsgroups and not megaupload rapidshare or hotfile ? Because newsgroups are more secure ! no v ( Full Answer )
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When was Usenet conceived?

Usenet was conceived in 1979 and established in 1980. Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis thought of the idea while they were graduate students at Duke.
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What is the purpose of a usenet client?

Usenet is another name for Newsreader. It is an application which allows a person to read articles. There are many Usenet clients from which one can download the application a ( Full Answer )
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Where can one download Usenet?

The only place it appears that one can download Usenet is through TorrentFreaks, and even that is not certain. There could perhaps be a link there to a download.