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What decisions do the user of accounting information make?

The most broadest answer is "investment decision" because any decisions made around accounting information/businesses etc is generally an investment, or the sorts. You might (MORE)

Who is the user of accounting information?

The users of accounting information are divided into two categories:- 1) internal users 2) External users 1. INTERNAL USERS These are the management and employees' of (MORE)

What is the difference between external users from internal users of accounting information?

External users are not directly involved in the running of the business, they include shareholders, lenders, customers, suppliers, regulators, lawyers, brokers and the press. (MORE)

Who are the external users accounting?

External users are anybody and everybody. There are primary, secondary and tertiary in terms of how they can influence a company (usually publicly listed). But everyone is an (MORE)

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Does an account user know when someone access their account?

That depends entirely on whether the system administrator has enabled the features of the OS that cause it to display past logins to the user. If they enable the feature, then (MORE)

What should you do if you computer will not let you get on your user account?

The answer depends some on WHY your computer will not let you in. If you are just locked out because you entered your password wrong too many times or because you forgot your (MORE)

How do you create a mac network user account?

I'm not sure I know what you mean? You already have a user account when you log into your computer so all you would do is just create a network or connect to another network (MORE)