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Who are the direct and indirect users of accounting?

The users with direct interest (direct users) use financial information as a tool to protect their own interest in the enterprise. They include the owners, managers, creditors (MORE)

Who is the user of accounting information?

The users of accounting information are divided into two categories:- 1) internal users 2) External users 1. INTERNAL USERS These are the management and employees' of (MORE)

Is your User ID your account name?

No, your ID when you contribute anonymously (without an account) on WikiAnswers is not your account name. It is just a temporary identification tag that allows others to see (MORE)

Who are the external users accounting?

External users are anybody and everybody. There are primary, secondary and tertiary in terms of how they can influence a company (usually publicly listed). But everyone is an (MORE)

Who are the users and what are the uses of Accounting Information?

there is many users of accounting information in business. they r mainly divided into 2 category .first is internal users i.e employees ,managers,shareholders ,owners the othe (MORE)
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Does an account user know when someone access their account?

That depends entirely on whether the system administrator has enabled the features of the OS that cause it to display past logins to the user. If they enable the feature, then (MORE)