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In a divorce when the man gets usufruct of the property and the the wife gets half mineral rights who has control of the mineral rights as to how much will be collected?

The wife would have the right to grant mineral lease, receive bonus/rental money & potential royalties on her undivided 50% interest and the husband could do same with his 50% ( Full Answer )
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Can you write a sentence using the word usufruct?

I can't write a sentence using the word usufruct. OOps, I just did! seriously Usufruct is the legal right to use and derive profit or benefit from property that belo ( Full Answer )
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Can a parent that has donated a house via a Donation Inter Vivos and Establishment of Usufruct filed in the courts conveyance records force that adult child out of the home?

If a named person was granted a "life estate" in a donated property then that named person, and that person alone, cannot be forced from the property prior to their death. ( Full Answer )
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Is there a usufruct over easement?

Usufruct is the legal right to use property that belongs to another person or entity. In many legal usufruct systems of property individuals or groups may only acquire the us ( Full Answer )