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What does Usury mean?

As a general definition, usury is loaning money at extravagant interest rates. The legal definition varies.   The practiced of lending money to people, especially making (MORE)

What is the Louisiana Usury Rate?

The current usury rate for the state of Louisiana is 12 percent, in  September of 2014. The law in Louisiana states that the lending  rate for personal loans cannot be more (MORE)

What is the usury rate in Texas?

  TEXAS, the legal rate of interest is 6%. Interest does not begin until 30 days after an account was due.     The judgment rate of interest is 18% or the rate in t (MORE)

Does the usury prevalent in some areas of Philippines?

i guess so. u may want to prove it by yourself? this is how... stand-by inside a public market and observe how these foreigners receive daily payments of their loans from stal (MORE)
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What is usury and how did it become a problem for the Jewish people?

Usury means lending money at interest. During the times of exile, Jews were sometimes given license to serve as moneylenders, while other ways of making a living were blocked (MORE)