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What instruments are a part of the woodwind family?

If you are talking about the traditional orchestral nomenclature, then the Woodwind Section is comprised of 4 woodwind families: the flute family, the oboe family, the clarine (MORE)

What woodwind instrument does not use a mouthpiece?

The mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument is the part of the instrument which is placed partly in the player's mouth. Single-reed instruments have mouthpieces while exposed doub (MORE)
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What are the orchestral woodwind instruments?

In score order: Piccolo, Flutes (up to 2 parts normally), Oboe (up  to 2 parts normally), English Horn, Clarinet in Eb, Bb Soprano  Clarinet (up to 3 parts normally), Bass C (MORE)

What are two families of woodwind instruments?

Woodwinds, in Western orchestral musical tradition, typically refers to: the transverse flute (actually made of soft metal for the last 150 years), the oboe, bassoon, and the (MORE)