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When did the term UTC replace the term GMT?

UTC hasn't replaced GMT it operates alongside. Greenwich mean time is so called due to the discovery of longitude calculations, and the invention of the Marine Chronograph by (MORE)

What is UTC time?

UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time) is time based on International Atomic Time with leap seconds added as needed. It is not precisely the same as Greenwich Mean Time, but th (MORE)

What is UTC?

Coordinated Universal Time is a time scale that couples Greenwich Mean Time, which is based solely on the Earth's inconsistent rotation rate, with highly accurate atomic time. (MORE)

What does UTC 925 stamped on jewelry stand for?

When UTC 925 is stamped on jewelry it means that the metal is 925  hundredths of the metal. The UTC means that due to the purity of  the metal it should not be worn during u (MORE)
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Why is the time in Paris is one hour ahead of UTC?

It's because the government of France said so. That's really the final answer regarding time zones. Anything else would answer why they said so. Each country is free to choose (MORE)
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What is 5 times 5?

The correct answer is 25, because if you count by 5s you can see.  Like this:    1 x 5 = 5   2 x 5 = 10   3 x 5 = 15   4 x 5 = 20   5 x 5 = 25
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