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What are utilities?

The word utilities has several different meanings,depending on context. Public utilities are the companies or agencies that provideelectricity, water, sewer, gas, etc. Sof (MORE)
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Is sewage a utility?

Sewage is a waste product carried by sewers.. Sewers are the pipes used to carry sewage.. Sewerage is the provision of the facility to remove sewage.. Sewerage is the utili (MORE)
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What are utility bills?

These are the bills pertaining to the utilities such as electricity, gas, water. Generally those, but this is not exhaustive.
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What is utility?

Utility is a normalized value assigned to alternatives that allow them to be compared. They have no units.
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What is utilize?

The meaning of utilize is to make effective use of something orsomeone. For instance, your body can utilize vitamins.
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What is marginal utility and total utility?

Total utility is the overall utility achieved by using any productwhile marginal utility is the increase/decrease in utility from useof one more unit of product.
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Cardinal utility and ordinal utility?

Ordinal utility.. Ordinal utility states that while the of a particular http://www.answers.c (MORE)
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How the utility maximised?

In basic economic theory, an agent's utility is maximized by finding the point on the agent's budget line that gives the highest utility. This is done by taking the first orde (MORE)
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What are the utilities?

Nice Question !! Utilities means how many uses of water,electricity and power in your daily routine's . utilities servicesare very costly .Every body wants lower utilities bil (MORE)