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How does Utnapishtim help Gilgamesh?

In the various renditions of the ancient Mesopotamian epic  myth-poem, 'Gilgamesh,' that have been preserved, the character of  Utnapishtim is portrayed as a wise and also i (MORE)

Why does Gilgamesh seek out Utnapishtim in the underworld?

Because he's made up and the writers thought it'd be a good idea. Actually, a flippant reply is quite appropriate because it's obvious you haven't read the story. It is stated (MORE)

Why is Utnapishtim able to tell about the flood?

This is in the Epic of Gilgamesh which has a flood story that is similar to the Noahic Flood in Genesis. Utnapishtim apparently overheard the gods discussing making the flood (MORE)

What are the differences between noah and utnapishtim?

Well, both stories look like each other, but there are several differences: 1) Utnapishtim was awarded by eternal life, But Noah wasn't awarded with anything. 2)Utnapishti (MORE)
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Where does utnapishtim live?

Utnapishtim lives at the mouth of the rivers, where the sun rises, in the mountainous land of Dilmun.