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What is utopian communism?

This is mildly if not extremely debatable seeing as the etymology of almost all words is no longer synonymous with their current social meanings, especially in the political r (MORE)

Were the Mormons in Antebellum America a utopian community?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) during the antebellum era in America can be considered a utopian society. While not all C (MORE)
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Why were the utopian communities significant?

Utopian societies created in reaction to urban growth and industrialization and emphasized community and withdrawal from society. They were intentional communities created to (MORE)
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What animals would live in a Utopian community?

Only two that I can think of. Adam and Eve.   Any animal that could be useful to the members of that community. Chickens for eggs and meat and roosters for continued rene (MORE)

What influenced Utopian Communities?

This is all I know: The word utopia means "an idealized place of perfection." As a reaction against the industrializing, capitalist society of their time, Utopians sought to e (MORE)

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